How do I go about selling my gown?

Simply click on the “Submit Yours Now” tab. Fill it out and upload your picture. Chose a payment method and submit. Make sure you view our listing fees on our “About” page.

Can I list my gown for rent too?

Yes. You can list your gown for rent and for sale under the same post. Simply add a price for rent when submitting your gown that’s for sale. Or if you would only like to rent your gown then click on that option when submitting your gown.

What’s the fee for to list a gown for rent and sale?

The fee is according to the higher price which is most likely the selling price. See our listing fees on our “About” page.

Do you have a store location?

Instagowns.com is online only. So you can browse our listings 24/7 from anywhere. Use our Advanced filter option to find items in your local area.

What’s your success rate?

We’ve got plenty gowns that were sold through @instagowns via feedback which are listed as sold, yet don’t know the exact percentage and amount since we’re a classifieds where there is direct buyer and seller contact and not everyone gets back to us to let us know that theirs was already sold.

How long will it take for my gown to be sold?

Since @instagowns is a classifieds with an actual picture of the gowns it depends on the people out there whether they’re looking for this specific color, price, and size etc. Which is self understood.
You can add the word negotiable/best offer or a price for rent to give people a lower rate option.

How long is my gown listed for?

So far there is no limit amount of time. If necessary, we can bring your gown up to the top but there’s a minimal $5 fee to re-post your gown using the same post previously posted on our website or a $10 fee to re-post your gown and make changes to the picture. Please contact us for more details.

Do you edit the pictures?

Yes. We edit your picture by cropping, blurring or cutting face, and merging pictures to make it fit and look right. We usually put the full length side by side with a close-up of the same image.

My gown has been sold, what do I do?

As soon as your gown has been sold, kindly let us know via the “Contact” page or email us at instagowns@gmail.com.
We’ll mark it sold as a benefit for @instagowns and we’ll remove your contact information. Please be so kind and leave us a review and/or feedback how the selling process went at our “Contact” page with the subject title; Review and/or Feedback.

How do I pay the seller?

It’s up to you and the seller. You can chose to pay via cash, check, pay pal, quick pay, etc.

What’s the difference between street size and label size?

Label size is the size the designer includes on the dress label. This sizing varies greatly among designers. Street size is the size you’d typically wear at a mainstream store. Our listings include the size the seller puts it up as depending if it was bought and has a dress label or it was custom made then it’s whatever the seller typically wears.