About us

Since 2015, we’ve been connecting buyers and sellers of new and used wedding dresses and bridal gowns. Buying and selling with us is simple and easy. And since we don’t charge any commission, you’ll make more money selling here than anywhere else.

Instagowns isn’t a bricks and mortar store, we’re an online listing service (with hundreds more wedding gowns than even the largest gown salons!) We connect buyers and sellers of new and used wedding gowns helping women and girls to find their dream gown for less, and helping sellers cut the cost and pass their gowns to others who will love them.

For just ONE nominal fee we post your listing on FOUR platforms: InstagramFacebook, Whatsapp, and our Website! Unbelievable Exposure!

Listing Fees

We only charge a one time listing fee. There’s never any other charges or any commission on the sale.
If your selling or renting price ranges:
up to – $250,   you pay: 10%
$250 – $500,   you pay: $25
$501 – $1000, you pay: $30
$1001-$1500, you pay: $35
$1501-$2000, you pay: $40
$2001-$2500, you pay: $45
$2501-$3000, you pay: $50
$3001-$3500, you pay: $55
+ $5 for every additional $500 price range.
All major credit cards accepted.

If you’re selling and renting the fee is according to the higher price which is most likely the selling price.

The same gown in multiple sizes, we calculate the total amount of all of the gowns and charge according to the total price range.
For example: 3 children’s gowns x $150 each = $450, you pay: $25.

We offer a discount for gemachs, salons, consignment shops and re-sellers selling 5 or more wedding dresses with us. Please contact us for more information.

Important Notice: Once your gown has been SOLD, kindly let us know via our “Contact” page or email us at instagowns@gmail.com and send us your Instagram post’s link so we can mark it SOLD. Let us know if you RENTED your gown as well. If you didn’t send us your Instagram post’s link then removal of your contact information is not guaranteed on Instagram.

More Boosting Options (Optional)


In Search Of: For just $5 we will put up on our insta-story and in our highlight of a specific gown or dress you are in search of.

Insta-Story: There is a $5 fee to add your post on our insta-story which lasts for 24 hours at the same time you post or re-post with us or $8 to just post on our insta-story any other time.

Featured: There is a $10 fee at the same time you post or re-post with us to add your post on our website featured front page for a minimum of 10 days or longer until the next scheduled featured gown and in our featured highlights which automatically goes up on our insta-story too or $15 at any other time.

Re-post: If necessary, There’s a minimal $10 fee to re-post your gown if you posted within the last 3 months using the same picture previously posted or $15 to change the picture.
A $15 fee to re-post your gown if it was posted more than 3 months ago within a year using the same picture previously posted or $20 to make changes to the picture.
A $20 fee to re-post your gown if it was posted over a year ago or $25 to make changes to the picture.
***Remember to send us the Instagram Link of your original post with your re-post request. Once payment received we will re-post your gown within 3-5 business days.


A picture is worth more than a thousand words! We can put up ANY picture provided to us, but we highly recommend professional and good quality pictures to maximize your sale chances. (Sharpness, Lighting and Color make a big difference.) A picture of a gown/dress on a hanger is not recommended.

We edit your picture by cropping, blurring faces and merging pictures to make it fit and look right. We don’t post faces so please send us uncropped pictures. The post will look better when you leave the editing for us. We usually put a full length picture and zoom it up to put side by side a close up of the same or other picture sent to us.
To add another picture email it to instagowns@gmail.com.

Posting Time Frame

Upon receipt of payment your listing will post in the order it was received on Instagram, Facebook, and Whatsapp within 3-5 business days and shortly after that it will also appear on our website. 

Please make sure to send us all info below so that your listing can post in a timely manner:

Short Description: (Rent / Sale) 
(Lighting in pictures are off sometimes.) 
(Can add, negotiable / or best offer) 
Size: (US or EU Number)
Location: (Can be more than one, if you can send it.)
Contact: (Home #, Cell # not recommended, DM on @Instagram, or Email.) We post your Phone Number. (Please put your Home number rather, since a Cellphone number is not recommended). However if you want to chose or add another contact information please specify in the comments section.

We urge you to carefully review all information you provided and confirm that it is correct, including worn once, gown/dress condition or if anything is included (all optional). Editing text after it is submitted may take up to 10 business days. Check our feed to see what you might want to write before you click submit. Tip: Save your Instagram post and/or link if you will need to edit any information or to remove your contact info once its sold.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be the best way for you to buy and sell previously loved wedding gowns and dresses. We love connecting buyers and sellers over a beautiful wedding dress and helping them save and recoup money in the process. Wedding dresses and bridal gowns deserve to be loved more than once!

Thank you for your business,

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